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Investors Tom Record and Tom Morris explore the big themes shaping the future and discuss this month’s most surprising news stories, all in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea.

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Episode 6 - July 2021


Tom Record and Tom Morris look across the celebrity landscape to see how the modularisation of supply chains has helped Kylie Jenner and Dwayne Johnson.

Episode 5 - June 2021

Hidden Monopolies

Tom Record and Tom Morris discuss how quasi-monopolies behind the world’s favourite brands are creating the illusion of choice in areas as diverse as sunglasses, alcohol and airport dining.

Episode 4 - May 2021


Tom Record and Tom Morris discuss how education is changing, from crowdsourced content on Wikipedia to gamified linguistics and online masterclasses with world-famous chefs.

Episode 3 - April 2021


Tom Record and Tom Morris dive into the somewhat murky world of payments – an opaque and often consumer unfriendly industry that is now ripe for disruption.

Episode 2 - March 2021


Tom Record and Tom Morris discuss some of the emerging technologies and businesses at the forefront of the Biotech sector.