COO Communication

COO Communication

Good afternoon,

Following yesterday afternoon’s press conference given by the Prime Minister, the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Scientific Officer, Majedie has invoked its business continuity plan that all employees should be working from home. This is a scenario for which we have undertaken detailed planning and preparation for some time. It has been a key business priority which I have overseen, in my capacity as COO.

Our aim and expectation is that the service we provide is uninterrupted; telephone numbers, fax numbers and our postal address remain the same. All our employees, including our investors and dealers can work seamlessly from a remote location. We have invested in technology to ensure that our operational platform is resilient, but moreover, it enables the spirit of our daily working pattern to continue uninterrupted; the debate and challenge that is central to our investment process is undiminished.

We would much prefer to have face to face meetings with you but given public policy on social distancing, we instead embrace the opportunity to stay in touch with you by telephone or video conference. As Rhiannon wrote to you on Friday, just let us know who you would like to speak with and we will make all the arrangements. This is a difficult time and our client service commitment is that we are here for you.

On a personal note, I wish you and all your colleagues well and good health during this difficult period.


Email sent to clients 17 March 2020