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Global Equities: Capturing Style Extremes

To mark the Global Equities strategies turning seven, in this video the Global team reflect on the attributes behind performance, ESG’s increasingly important role and thoughts for the future.

As far as fund anniversaries go, the seventh tends to pass with little more than a tweet. But after a year which saw a seven-year market cycle packed into one there is much to reflect upon as the Majedie Global Equities strategies reach this unsung milestone.

The pandemic has provided a clear account of what these unique strategies, with their blend of styles, are designed to achieve… to lean into uncertainty, challenge dominant assumptions, identify turning points and capture nuanced investment ideas that can deliver regardless of the conditions or exactly because of them.


Inception: 30 June 2014. LF Majedie Global Equity performance net of 0.65% AMC (0.75% before 1 October 2019), USD. LF Majedie Global Focus performance net of 0.85% AMC (1.0% before 1 October 2019), USD.

To view 5 year performance numbers for the Global Equity Fund and Global Focus Fund please visit your Majedie intranet portal or please see the relevant factsheets via

Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. The return on investments may increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations.


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