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Our Funds

We are proud of our long-term track record but remain as hungry to perform today as we were on day one.

One investment team, one goal: to generate superior investment returns for our clients over the long term, responsibly.

We manage a select number of equity strategies. We are driven by one thing: long-term performance. Since launch we have made much of Majedie’s singular focus and believe that the benefits of being a cohesive unit remain hugely underappreciated.

Equity ownership, performance fee structures and co-investing alongside our clients are key ingredients built into our DNA. Good performance can never be guaranteed – but as owner-managers we can remove many of those barriers that can guarantee the opposite.

The UK Equity, UK Focus, Global Equity and Global Focus funds all have multi-manager structures, which allow for both individual accountability and original thought, offering our clients exposure to genuine team work and a blend of investment styles.

We have always been clear about the need for transparency. It has long been an important building block in developing long-term relationships. It is also, simply, our fiduciary duty. We provide granular disclosure of fund costs and charges publicly on our website.

All Majedie funds are UCITS compliant.